For a DJ, finding a site to share demo material is a constant struggle.  Sites that host music storage, like Soundcloud, aren't DJ friendly because the DJs who post mixes there typically don't own the music they're posting.  So for years, the answer has been Bay Area based Mixcrate.  They were the best, DJ owned and operated, and offered a forum and a community for DJs to be heard and discovered. 
And best of all, their service was FREE to artists and spectators alike.

I found out this morning that they have been taken down by the powers that be, ie. the record companies.  It's a shame that these companies don't support DJs more, especially considering that we are the avenue for many people to hear new music these days.  Showing support for DJs could ultimately sell more records for them.  But they don't seem to understand that.  What a shame.

I'll start uploading some of my older mixes as fast as I can, and some new ones as well. 

Thanks for your patience and support.  Stay tuned!...